Tunisia, Easter 2002

first issued 17/4/20021

 These are a few pictures from the album of our week's 'Desert Safari' round Tunisia over Easter, 2002. The selection is pretty random, and this isn't necessarily the final version.

If anyone else wants to post some pics I can link to them from here, or publish them on this page.

Copyright is reserved but free to friends for non-commercial use. All pictures are heavily compressed for internet use - contact us if you would like a better copy or a print.

John and Sheila Hoare


Roman remains

Day 1 Thuborbo Majus


Roman remains at Dougga 



Roman remains 




 Another 'oldest public toilet in the world'

Sheila and Ann at (on?) the Roman public toilets at Dougga


Day 2, Carthage


Lunch at Dar El Jeld Restaurant, Tunis

On the Star Wars location 

a Berber troglodite dwelling 

Day 3. A Berber troglodite dwelling on the edge of the Sahara. (alright, it was set up for us, and the little boy asleep was acting, but I found it unexpectedly moving)


Onc El Jmel

Onc El Jmel during a desert storm

the'Red Lizard' train

Day 5. Sheila and Rachel photographed on the'Red Lizard' train during a photo stop

tunisian oasis 

A desert oasis - but which one?

Monastir, Tunisia 

Our last night at the Miramar Beach Club Hotel, Monastir

Monastir, Tunisia 

Finally, Sheila suffering bravely during our thirteen hour delay after a bird took a detour through one of the engines on take-off (this is between the free lunch and the free tea, dinner, and 'drink from the bar' - the bird didn't come out of it so well!)

And my favourite picture of the holiday - 

Central Tunis 

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